Tom, Al and Kellie sitting at various heights in front of a dark grey back-drop.

Our Story

Founded in 2018 by tech wiz, Thomas Moran, HARK is a small-but-mighty independent creative studio, based in Birmingham, UK.

We’re a tight-knit trio of out-of-the-box thinkers with a die-hard passion for meaningful design and a 360-degree approach to everything we do.

Whether it’s building a brand new brand, fresh website, marketing campaign or system config, from tweaks to overhauls, big or small, there’s nothing we love getting our teeth into more than a shiny new project. Except maybe a good ol’ chocolate-chip cookie.

The thing is, we believe in the power of collaborative storytelling. That’s why togetherness underpins every step of our process.

With our razor-sharp design instincts and (slightly obsessive) attention to detail, alongside your unique perspective and industry expertise, there’s no limit to the magic we can create.

So, what on earth are you waiting for?

Meet the Team

A smiling Tom, wearing a dark green jacket in front of a grey backdrop.


Studio Director

Our founder-in-chief and all-round creative genius, Tom oversees every project we take on here at HARK. With a strong background in theatrical marketing and design, he brings a fresh perspective to the world of branding. If you’re in need of innovative ideas, meticulous execution, or an out-there dance move, he’s your man.

A smiling Al, wearing a black jumper in front of a grey backdrop.



A talented wordsmith and numbers-person, Al is our resident copywriter and design assistant to Tom. Having previously worked as a video editor for the BBC, he’s all about precision, perspective and personality, leading our presentations with flair. He also has a penchant for bold visuals, as evidenced by his colourful wardrobe.

A smiling Kellie, wearing a black dress in front of a grey backdrop.



Keeping us all in check, it’s Kellie. Armed with a business degree and a decade of experience in finance, marketing and customer service, she’s on hand to answer emails, prepare timelines and manage invoices. She’s also got a killer eye for design and brings her up-to-the-minute knowledge of trends to all our brainstorming sessions.

Depending on the project, we may also assemble our external squad of trusted collaborators, including illustrators and motion designers, to help us push through tight deadlines or produce specialist assets.

Studio Playlist

Tom, Al and Kellie in various silly poses in front of a grey backdrop.

Lord knows our Spotify account is everything to us, here at HARK. Check out our office playlist below, feat. some of our favourite tracks...