Filey Cat Rescue

Establishing a national news-worthy feline welfare charity.
Brand Identity, Web Design + Development, System Configuration, Content Creation, Copywriting
A graphic showing the old Filey Cat Rescue logo next to its updated variant.
The Project

Every cat counts.

In 2022, we produced the initial branding concept for feline welfare organisation, Filey Cat Rescue. Six months (and an amazing BBC News feature) later, it became clear the charity was destined for a much larger network of supporters.

As such, we recently set to work on the second phase of brand development, re-working the logo, broadening the spectrum of applicable colours, and creating a playful cavalcade of characters to inhabit future brand assets, both print and digital.

With an upcoming social media re-launch, as well as a bespoke line of volunteer apparel, custom wayfinding, various exciting merchandising ventures, and a major website update in the pipeline, we’re so proud to be bringing this wonderful organisation’s visions to life.

Filey Cat Rescue's cast of six feline illustrations in dark green with two cat tree graphics atop a two-toned green background.
A mock-up showing a man holding Filey Cat Rescue's adoption form.
A mock-up showing a tabby cat wearing a collar with a Filey Cat Rescue tag.
A mock-up showcasing a portable card-reader, branded to Filey Cat Rescue, with an image of a ginger cat, all on a sea foam background.
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Branded signage for Filey Cat Rescue, showing directions to "Kitten Corner" and "The Aviary."
“HARK are the best. They’ve been there every step of the way to make sure we’ve always had everything we needed to spread the word and raise funds. We get so many compliments about our amazing website and it’s all thanks to them.”
Tina Lewis
Head of Operations, Filey Cat Rescue
A profile page from the Filey Cat Rescue website, featuring a calico cat named Holly.
A man carrying a tote bag with Filey Cat Rescue's logo and character on it.
A mock-up showing four branded badges for Filey Cat Rescue, with its logo and feline character illustrations.